Understanding Toners: What Does Toner Do to Your Skin

Toner is a liquid that is applied to the skin after cleansing. It has many purposes, including balancing skin’s pH levels in your skin and removing any traces of leftover cleanser or makeup. Facial toners are available for all sorts of different skin-care purposes. Read on to find out more about toners

Skin toner is a product used to remove excess oil, dirt, and other impurities from your skin after cleansing. A face toner will mostly come in liquid form or as a powder which you can mix with water before applying it to the face. Toners are usually applied after using a cleanser but before moisturizer or makeup.

This article will discuss what toners do for your skin, what ingredients they contain, what their benefits are, and what precautions you should take in your skincare routine when using them.

What Are the Benefits of Facial Toner for Your Skin?

A toner is an essential part of any skincare routine especially if you have an acne-prone skin type. While what it does may seem simple, there are many benefits that come with using a facial toner on your skin.

Much like moisturizer and other products in the category, what each specific product can do will vary based upon the ingredients included – but all good facial toners should have some of the benefits listed below;

  • – Can be used in clearing out any bacteria and removing dirt or oil that may not have been rinsed away completely after washing your face
  • – Salicylic acid in facial toners is what helps with acne, blackheads, and unclog pores by cutting through the excess oil on your skin.
  • – A face toner will also aid in exfoliating the dead skin cells that are sitting on your face for healthy skin and rejuvenation.
  • – They reduce the size and appearance of pores by helping to remove what is blocking them so you have fewer blackheads and fewer acne breakouts.

 Can toner damage your skin?

The side effects of skin toners are often debated. It is true that toners can cause damage if misused, but they are not all bad. In fact, some people find that a skin toner does what no other product on the market has been able to do for them – improve their complexion and give them a more even tone.

Since toners are intended to be used twice a day, cumulatively overusing this product will lead to flaky and dry skin. If you find that your face is becoming increasingly sensitive and red as a result of toner usage, it’s best to stop.

If used properly (and not excessively), this can be an excellent way to maintain and keep your skin refreshed. Using toner properly means only applying the product to your T-zone, where you are more likely to get oily and acne-prone.

 How to use toner for oily skin

For people with sensitive skin types, toners are a must. Toners should be used by every skin type, however, the way they are applied will vary depending on what your skin needs.

For oily skins, you will need to whip out a cotton ball for what is known as “the swipe method”. You are going to use the cotton pad to wipe away any leftover dirt or makeup on your face.

To do this, simply soak it in some toner and make sure that you thoroughly cleanse off what’s left before moisturizing your skin

Toner for sensitive skin types

An alcohol-free toner formula will prevent irritate sensitive skin and keep excess oil at bay without drying out your pores. Since what you want is to avoid excess oil on your face, the best toner for sensitive skin types will contain ingredients such as witch hazel (which acts like a natural astringent) and aloe vera (which has anti-bacterial properties).

What toner is best for dry skin?

If you have dry skin, avoid alcohol-based products and opt for an oil-free moisturizer or gel instead. Alcohol will further dehydrate already parched skin and what you need is a product that will soothe it and prevent further damage.

While toners are not meant to be moisturizers, they can help with what dry skin needs. Look for ingredients like aloe vera gel, hyaluronic acid (which will retain moisture), and glycerin that are proven ways to gently nourish your skin without irritating it further.

Final thoughts on toners

Toner is a step up in your skincare regimen that many people neglect, but it can help maintain the health of your skin and keep you looking younger.

There are different toners for various types of skin, so if you’re not sure which one to use or how often, we’ve got some helpful tips n our blog page. Check out for more information

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